Welcome to Southern California Edison's Induction Lending Program and Tool Lending Library.


Our Induction Lending Program and Tool Lending Library offer Southern California Edison (SCE) customers the opportunity to borrow a table-top induction range or energy and building measurement tools for FREE for up to two weeks.

Working on a project and need a tool to get the job done? Our Tool Lending Library offers a wide range of professional tools to measure, examine, audit and complete your project in no time.

Have you always wanted to try cooking with induction? Here is your chance! Check out an induction cooktop, pot, pan or even a wok! You'll see how easy and fun, clean energy cooking can be.

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Let's get cooking with clean energy!

With advancements in induction cooking technology, induction stoves can now cook faster and safer than ever before. 

Induction cooktops offer more control and easier cleanup, make a great addition to residential and commercial kitchens alike, fight climate change and provide better indoor air quality.

Our Table-Top Induction Range Lending Program allows Southern California Edison customers to borrow an induction unit, pot, pan or wok for up to 2 weeks, free of charge.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Induction Lending Library is currently only available for pick-up at the Foodservice Technology Center in Irwindale, CA. We look forward to expanding pick-up locations to your local SCE Service Center when we are able. If you can't make it to Irwindale, please contact us at EELP@sce.com to speak with us regarding potential ways to participate in the program.




Got a project? Borrow a tool for free!

Need a tool for an upcoming project? Our Tool Lending Library Program gives you an opportunity to borrow a tool for up to 2 weeks for FREE!

We have over 400 tools available, including digital meters, data loggers, temperature sensors, and much more. 

Borrow a tool or several and test, troubleshoot, analyze your system's performance, diagnose problems and before you know it, your project will be completed in no time!



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